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Electro Waves

No matter what is the size your space or if your element is air, water or earth – we provide solution for AV technology, Digital Signage, lightning, sound and water technology.

We are a Finnish, family-owned business that represents the newest technology. We have experience and vision to carry out solutions that can be seen, heard and felt.

We provide service from designing to implementation and maintenance – always with the best products in market and great expertise.

Our experienced, innovative designers and mechanics are ready to challenge both themselves and the space for exceeding customer expectations. We also take honour in making solutions that last over years to come.


A sound system creates the right atmosphere in the right place at the right time. We are one of the most experienced providers of professional audio technology in Finland.


Professional lighting design helps provide unforgettable experiences and create the right atmosphere for casual socialization.


In AV Technology, Electro Waves excels. We provide AV solutions from power to projection, cables to cameras and tweeters to woofers.

Just Something Special

First-class solutions and bold innovations are based on Electro Waves’  long experience in audio-visual technology, digital signage, lighting, sound and water technology. Electro Waves is a true expert in the field.

We design and build a comprehensive product range for each item, and always the best choice of the system. Our service includes everything you need from design to installation and service helpdesk. Thanks to our own import we always offer the best products.

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