Shopping centre Kaari is located next to Kehä I, and has 80 shops to fulfill basic needs quickly and effortlessly. It is designed to be a fresh and bright shopping centre where things are done a bit differently.

Interaction with customers is crucial in a shopping centre utilizing digital solutions. Electro Waves was designing effective and modern communication solutions with HOK-Elanto from a very early stage.

Electro Waves implemented several sound, lighting, AV and Digital Signage solutions in Kaari. Bright LED displays, custom-made info kiosks and carefully thought out display solutions in shops and restaurants make shopping easy and increase sales.

Electro Waves also implemented the sound, lighting and filming solutions in the central square. The filming system can capture events in the square and immediately upload them online.

Shopping Mall Kaari technical solution

  • Info Kiosks
  • 5x3m Roadside LED displays beside Kehä I
  • 5x8m LED display above the main entrance
  • 5x1m overhead LED displays
  • Video walls
  • Displays in the shops
  • Tailored register displays
  • Touchscreens
  • Projectors
  • Info Players
  • The sound system, lighting, microphones and robotic PTZ camera in the event area

Electro Waves is a trustworthy partner that always sees things through to the end
-Kaj Grahn, Shopping centre manager

Show. Be heard. Be Felt. Be Different. Be Special. Be something more.

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