Experience the latest SIXTY82 innovation: TPM truss

TPM29S is up to 25% stronger than similar box trusses enabling it to withstand the most demanding conditions.

An improved design of the diagonal braces helps to increase the strength and stability of the truss system, while the new optimised shape and dimensions provide better support to withstand higher forces.

Extruded end frames enable TPM truss to withstand more load without deforming. The extrusion process ensures a precise and uniform shape that is 100% square with a perfect fit, reducing the risk of failure due to poor connections. The extruded end frame also makes TPM29S bounce- and smash-proof.

The removal of the end diagonal support in the new design makes for easy storage and allows easy placement of uplighters within the truss without interfering with the light output.

A new truss spigot made of stronger alloy adds a further key improvement to the strength of the TPM Series.