CTOUCH interactive touch screens for educational institutions and meeting rooms.

CTOUCH is offering you the smoothest touchscreen experience (and the software and hardware necessary to achieve that). CTOUCH deliver crafted and future-oriented quality products.

Latest CTOUCH models: Riva and Canvas.

The CTOUCH Canvas stands out in every meeting room! Its unique CTOUCHABLE™ design invites you to instantly touch the screen. Discover the ultra-fine pen-on-paper like writing experience. It’s designed for business and meets the highest security standards. This touchscreen platform is the pinnacle of ‘all-in-one collaboration boards’.

No more dull, unproductive lessons! CTOUCH Riva, a super user-friendly touchscreen brings the power of touch in any learning environment. Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. Make your lessons come alive!

CTOUCH first to introduce touchscreen operating system based on Android 10 in autumn 2021.
The CTOUCH Riva, a popular and widely-used touchscreen in primary schools, will be the first model to be equipped with this new platform. Even more, CTOUCH will also offer current users of the CTOUCH Riva, as well as owners of the previous generation CTOUCH touchscreens (Laser Sky and Nova), the possibility to upgrade their devices to the new Android 10 environment.
This new platform will provide more functionalities and additional security features compared to currently used operating systems such as Android 8 and 9.