Display 3D visuals up to 75cm in size with our Solo device.

Merge multiple Solo devices into HYPERVSN Wall to display visuals of virtually any size.

3D Holographic System

HYPERVSN is an all-in-one 3D holographic display solution, where cutting-edge hardware is powered by proprietary CMS software


The HYPERVSN holographic display a four-ray rotor that spins fast at a speed of 670 RPM. Your eyes won’t see any rays though, only your stunning 3D content floating in mid-air.


HYPERVSN proprietary CMS software enables easy and secure control of HYPERVSN displays, creation, upload and management of 3D content.

HYPERVSN Solo Comes in Two Sizes

A 3D hologram – 22″ and 30″- equally well-seen in daylight and in dark

Solo M: Image size: up to 56 cm (22”) / resolution: 880 px

Solo L: Image size: up to 75 cm (30”) / resolution: 1080 px



HYPERVSN Content Management System (CMS) includes cloud services and mobile application – Solo App on Android/iOS – allowing users to easily create and manage holographic 3D content. Manage a single 3D Solo display as well networks of Solo displays via the CMS.

Content is King, and with HYPERVSN even non-designers are able to create it.

  • Use HYPERVSN 3D Studio – free online web service – to create your 3D content from scratch , no 3D motion graphics design skills needed.
  • Convert 2D content, such as logo or copy, into 3D in just a few clicks. Use a variety of pre-made templates to make a professional 3D video in minutes.
  • Tap into the ever-growing Media Library containing top-quality 3D content produced by HYPERVSN design team.
  • Upload your own 3D videos in .mov, .mp4, .mkv, .avi formats for display.