IPEVO makes versatile teaching tools instead of specialized “classroom equipment”.
We go beyond the usual conventions of classroom technology—large, expensive, specialized and complex—to rethink simple and flexible solutions for interactive teaching in today’s classrooms.
IPEVO’s interactive teaching tools empower educators and teachers with radically affordable and compact technology that is simple, intuitive and flexible, so that precious time and resources can be wholly dedicated to teaching. We intend to make educational technology accessible and available to all.


NEW V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Document Camera with an AI-Enhanced Mic

V4K PRO is plug & play and requires no installation. It brings upgraded audio and video performance to the table and comes with free video software, which facilitates remote teaching, textbook sharing, experiments via video stream, painting lessons, and other physical demonstrations – just like being face-to-face.

With V4K PRO, you can now stream smooth video in Ultra HD and let your audience see whatever you demonstrate – clearly and in great detail.
Its image sensor offers exceptional image clarity, color reproduction, and high definition resolutions up to 3264 x 2448 at 30fps.

V4K PRO is equipped with IntelliGO’s AI-Enhanced Voice technology. This noise filter utilizes artificial intelligence, which was trained with over 500 million distinct data and is highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing noise with high accuracy.

Thanks to this onboard chip, any type of noise – be it a robot vacuum cleaner or bad weather – can be effectively removed from your sound output.

V4K PRO has its own light source, which is directed to the same spot as the camera’s lens. Thanks to this, the presented materials are captured clearly, even in low-light environments.

Change the camera’s height or angle freely to best capture the materials that you want to share. Or flip the camera’s head upwards and make it work as a webcam. It only takes a short moment. A lot of research has been put into the design of V4K’s stand. Apart from versatility and durability, V4K PRO provides a quick fix for loosening joints. Simply tighten any loose joints by turning the respective bolt clockwise with a coin.

Plug and play compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more — on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

V4K PRO works with conferencing software and other software and applications that utilize computer cameras (standard UVC cameras).

Utilize the power of V4K PRO with software such as Seesaw, Camtasia or OBS.


VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera

VZ-R features a USB connection for use with a computer (Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook). When in USB mode, the live images captured will be streamed to your computer screen. You can then project the images to a large screen through a projector connected to your computer.

VZ-R is compatible with a variety of software when in USB mode, offering you the flexibility to use it with a software of your choice. You may use it with our IPEVO Visualizer software to present student work, or create flipped classroom videos with software such as SeesawCamtasia, or OBS. Additionally, you can even double it up as a webcam for online meetings/video conferencing by using video conferencing software such as ZoomGoToMeetingSkypeMicrosoft Teams or Google Hangouts/Meet.

Place your material under VZ-R and be surprised at how crisp and clear the images showed up! With its 8MP camera, you can capture even the tiniest details of your material.

With a Sony CMOS image sensor and a powerful Ambarella integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC), VZ-R offers enhanced performance in focusing speed, reproduction of colors, and noise reduction even under low-light environments. This enables you to teach or present with lesser disruptions and distortions.

VZ-R comes with a USB Type-C port that is reversible, saving you the hassle of having to find the correct cable orientation for plugging in when you use it. Additionally, you’ll find GVX-5H-a type of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic-inside VZ-R’s stand. GVX-5H is as strong as most metals, yet weighing far less than them. With it, you’ll enjoy increased durability as VZ-R is less likely to break from heavy daily usage. And talking about lightweight, at only 2.2 lbs, you’ll appreciate VZ-R’s portability.

With a swiveling head and strengthened multi-jointed stand, you’re free to position VZ-R at different heights, angles, and various orientations for capturing your materials.

VZ-R features a built-in LED light that gives you additional illumination for capturing material in dimly lit environments. It is ideal for use in classrooms or conference rooms that don’t have adequate lighting. Adjust real-time images instantly to better fit your needs using the buttons conveniently placed on VZ-R’s body. You can rotate, apply video filters, adjust exposure, refocus, and so on. Plus, as each of the buttons has a unique tactile indicator, you can differentiate them easily with just a touch.

VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB Document Camera

VZ-X features three connection modes-Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB. You can use it with a computer, iOS/Android devices, or directly with an Apple TV, TV, projector, or monitor in the setup that best suits your needs.

Connect VZ-X wirelessly to your computer (Mac/PC/Chromebook), iOS/Android devices (iPad/iPhone/Android Tablet/Android Phone), or Apple TV (4th generation and above) via Wi-Fi and enjoy freedom with no wires getting in the way!

When connected to your computer via USB, you can use VZ-X with IPEVO’s Visualizer software that allows you to further modify the camera’s video feed, or you can create flipped classroom videos with software such as SeesawCamtasia, or OBS.

You can also use VZ-X as a webcam for video conferencing or remote teaching via communication software such as ZoomGoToMeetingSkype, or Google Meet.

8 MP sensor by Sony with Ambarella system-on-a-chip (SoC) provide great details and image quality with better image processing. Faster focus speed, improved noise reduction, and excellent color reproduction.

The VZ-X’s swiveling head and multi-jointed body let you capture images from different heights, angles, and orientations. You can also switch between vertical and horizontal orientation – all in real time.

In the back of VZ-X you can find a USB-C port that makes connecting cables easier and safer. VZ-X’s camera head features a built-in LED light for use in dimly lit environments and a microphone.

IPEVO Visualizer allows you to display the video feed from your computer camera, record it, modify it, and more. That means you can use it to show what your camera sees, either on a big screen or in an online conferencing app. It works with any camera feed including iDocCam and is ideal for use with document cameras.

With Visualizer you can adjust the displayed image in various ways. You can Zoom in, Rotate, Mirror, Change the resolution, adjust Exposure, Apply a Video Filter, take a Snapshot, and more.