SIXTY82 is a British, Dutch and French alliance of innovative industry leaders in the design and manufacture of trussing and staging systems.


This new concept is designed for venues which value the benefits of a quick and easy-to-build stage system. The straightforward design allows big stages to be built within the blink of an eye.

A 200 square meter stage can be built with 90 minutes with a crew of 4 and a forklift. And because the frames are foldable, the system has a very small storage footprint.

The ability to build the stage and rig at the same time greatly lowers the needed time to build any stage set.

SIXTY82 launches the biggest truss innovation in the past decade: ALPHA82.
Greener, better utilisation, less stock holding, more flexible through interchangeable components, all leading to better ROI.

  • The most flexible truss system in the world
  • Easily reconfigurable
  • Higher return-on-investment as one size fits all
  • Compatible with standard L52R and XL101R truss
  • Same strength as L52R and XL101R truss
  • Up to 75% reduction in initial transport volume
  • Patented

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