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In 1981, Vari-Lite created the first modern moving head luminaire for entertainment, and ever since, lighting designers have used our luminaires for unforgettable rock and roll shows, moving dramatic performances, and a variety of high-impact events and installations. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Vari-Lite has earned three Grammy awards, numerous patents and industry awards, and the devotion and respect of designers around the globe.


Born in London’s theatreland district in 1914 at the start of World War 1, Strand was famous for its lighting by the 1920s, pioneered controls in the 1930s, grew internationally in the 1940s and moved into television lighting in the 1950s.

By the 1970s Strand was making big technological leaps – shifting into automation and rewriting the rules for consoles, while the 1980s saw major advances in dimming and controls.

The revolution in computing in 1990s saw a time of rapid technological growth. Strand created its first digital consoles and software based control systems – direct descendants of those that control today’s highly-evolved, energy-efficient LED luminaires.

Proud of our past but driven by today, we continue to develop high-quality products that help you to meet the demands of modern theatre, film and TV, as well as themed environments and architecture.


X Series are high-performance lighting consoles designed for mix-use facilities such as performing arts centers; stadiums and arenas; houses of worship; studios; schools; and more.

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Learn everything you need to know about the X5 and X15 in our suite of ”How To” training videos, available on YouTube or right on the console itself. 


For a wide color range and maximum flexibility, the Vari-Lite VL1600 PROFILE combines a high-definition tunable white LED source with CMY color mixing. The tunable white engine lets designers can achieve warm and cool light from a single luminaire without sacrificing output or CRI, along with a wide range of colors from subtle pastels to bold saturated colors. The VL1600 PROFILE includes the innovative Vari*frost system, giving designers a truly seamless graduated frost that diffuses the entire aperture at one time. This effect can be controlled remotely from the console and doesn’t require you to change glass or add filters. To simplify startup and minimize movement in the rig, the patented reduced-movement calibration system in the VL1600 PROFILE calibrates pan and tilt on the fixture while only requiring it to move to 50/50 home position during the process. Fixtures are calibrated in less time, with less lasting effect or potential for damage to the rig or hanging scenery.


For over 25 years, the name Acclaim set the standard worldwide for 500W/650W theatrical luminaires. Drawing on over a hundred years of theatrical lighting expertise, the Strand Acclaim LED Series is a complete range of theatrical luminaires designed to give maximum performance for these smaller theatrical spaces.

For a consistent, high-quality experience throughout the range, the Acclaim LED Series uses a custom LED multi-spectral light source, offering exceptional output and full color mixing packaged into a family of compact theatrical luminaires in a choice of body colors. With a full range of theatrical luminaires, including a true theatrical Fresnel, the Acclaim LED Series offers a complete solution for smaller theatrical spaces.

Strand Acclaim LED Series:

Strand Acclaim LED Fresnel

A true full color theatrical Fresnel wash fixture designed specifically for small to medium spaces, offering an adjustable 10° to 40° manual zoom with superior control and light quality to comparable PAR luminaires.

Strand Acclaim LED Zoomspot

A full color profile luminaire with an integrated 25° to 50° manual zoom and focus, perfect for precision key lighting and gobo projection.

Strand Acclaim LED Profile Light Engine (PLE)

A full color profile compatible with Strand SPX fixed and zoom lens tubes for use in unique throw applications.

Strand Acclaim LED Cyc

A full color cyclorama luminaire offering 5,000 lumens of output and wide coverage.

The Vari-Lite VL5LED WASH is a true modern update to the legendary VL5. This compact, high output LED wash fixture brings a host of modern features to the familiar form factor of this unique fixture. The Dichro*fusion®blades, first seen in the VL6500 WASH, supply smooth, variable diffusion while the RGBALC color system provides a wide range of rich color options. To simplify setup and programming of this color system, the innovative SmartColor Control System gives designers adjustability without complexity.

The beautiful colors of the VL5LED are reflected on the Dichro*fusion® blades, which bring the vintage stylings of the original VL5 to create a strong visual element on stage. For further visual options, a separate ring of LEDs light up the Dichro*fusion® blades a different color than the light coming from source engine. The LED blade lights, along with an onboard motorized zoom, offers a range of new visual options and bring more flexibility to this classic fixture.