Soundforce is the first company to buy the Alpha truss in Sweden.

More than 30 years old, Soundforce is one of Scandinavia’s leading tour and concert suppliers. They have supplied products to numerous concerts, tours, corporate presentations and exhibitions.

The company’s long history speaks of strong professionalism and courage to try new innovations. Now Soundforce has taken a new step and is the first company in Sweden to buy an Alpha82 truss from SIXTY82.

The biggest truss innovation in the past decade: ALPHA82.
Greener, better utilisation, less stock holding, more flexible through interchangeable components, all leading to better ROI.

  • The most flexible truss system in the world
  • Easily reconfigurable
  • Higher return-on-investment as one size fits all
  • Compatible with standard L52R and XL101R truss
  • Same strength as L52R and XL101R truss
  • Up to 75% reduction in initial transport volume
  • Patented